Setting up a MTConnect Agent on a UNIX(Ubuntu) machine

While working on one of my short term projects at System Insights Inc., I got a chance to test out MTConnect agent built in C++ over linux(ubuntu). I was surprised to find that absolutely no documentation existed for setting up the Agent in Unix environment. (Yes,  though we all love open source, the majority of manufacturing industries are big enough to afford windows for their systems.) Although it didn’t turn out to be a big hassle in the end, I thought (credits to Athulan for the inception) that it would be a good idea to list down the process of setting up a MTConnect agent on Linux. So, here you go:

Step 1: Download the zip archive of the latest version of MTConnect C++ Agent SDK from MTConnect Github and extract its contents onto your local disk.

Step 2: Download & Install libxml-2.0 and libxml-dev packages from the apt repository.

apt-get install libxml2
apt-get install libxml2-dev

Step 3: Now you need to prepare a Makefile in order to compile the agent. This can be done using the Cmake package.

  • Download & install cmake if you don’t already have it.
apt-get install cmake
  • Open the ‘agent’ folder in the terminal and run cmake and make.
cmake .

Step 4: If everything went right, your agent would be ready to be deployed. You can now start it off as a service.

./agent daemonize

If you are unsure whether the process is running, you can check out the process status:

ps aux | grep agent

The agent service should be up & running. You may change the agent.cfg file in any text editor based on the instructions here.

Have fun 🙂