Shaastra QMS Team

This video is dedicated to the Shaastra QMS team which, not only ensured continuation of ISO 9001:2008 certification, but also contributed heavily to make Shaastra 2010 a great success.

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The following poem is dedicated to our beloved QMS core “Sticky”… go QMS m/
Ashwin ‘Sticky’ Georgy…..
tenth of tenth the date was on
when in Irinjalakuda, a prodigy was born
ashwin georgy was his name
made research his sole aim
down to earth and always cool
he found homage in BVB school
a proper muggu, he entered iit
was rechrishtened ‘sticky’ for his adhesive ability
stuck with acads for a long time
discovered his passion in qms line
as a coord worked hard with his mates
brought shaastra ISO 9001:2008 
still didn’t let his acads down
got summer intern in a german town
come Shaastra and he was QMS again
as Quality manager he was named
chose a group full of spark
shaastra quality got no black mark
we were his coords and he the core
but found him friendly in all our chores
no wonder we love him for all he did
got us a grand GRT treat
all of us were great together
but alas now shaastra’s over
this has been a stint too long
but the absence has left us forlorn
still sticky trod along
the path to stardom is always on
raised eyebrows and a smile on face
attract photographers at all the place
a girl is what he eyes right now
the qms team takes a bow
may you have all that you want
atleast whatever ‘chavara’ can grant!