you have it all
and proud are you
the soul within
seems to follow through
the darkness around is not all true
if there is light deep down you

the world has words
and words will confuse
decision finally is made by you
the stones will be hurled
no flowers for you
you have to sow if you want them too

it may be immoral
to bend your way through
but that is what most people do
it won’t be hard for you too
but remember that your picks today
would define your tomorrow anew!



Gone are days which were smooth as silk
Is it time or the earth is still
Pain is all that I can feel
Inseparable is now this guilt

What was mine is now all lost
None to be blamed but only me
The roads have diverged far beyond
Nothing’s left but this graffiti

The trunk of tree which holds it
Hasn’t changed a wee bit
But the leaves which once were green
Cloaked in pallor shell out a scream

Ironically the heart’s still there
Our names inscribed deep within
Wish ‘twas throbbing like ever before
With my name in strong ink

I know its all but a broken dream
But so is my destiny
The azure petals mock me
Still its only you that I can see

Hello World

for a long time i had  been thinking of setting up a blog of my own but never knew when & where to start. i have now found the place & time to start off & here i am writing my first post on this 31th day of the year 2009. this being my first post i really don’t know where to start. hence i begin it using the two words we start any programming language with. “Hello World”- i am ready to use your ocean of ink to render my thoughts.