When you tell her



I love you

No you don’t

I would do anything for you.

No! I said no!

What do you want?

I don’t want you. I mean the way you want me.


Just ok?

What else am I supposed to say?

You alright?


You want a hug?


Can’t we stay friends?

Yes… Wait No! We can’t

Why do you want to complicate things? Isn’t this phase just right enough?

You know I love you. Where’s the complication?

I want time

For what?

To decide


What are the chances we’ll stay together?

What are the chances that both of us will be alive the next minute?

I don’t want to take a plunge

Well, if you never take it you’ll never know the feeling. You are the one to lose.. and me too

But what if it doesn’t work out? I’ll lose you forever.

Anyway you have already lost me. I am not a friend anymore. Am either someone more, or nothing. No one.

Hmm..What if I am supposed to wait for that Perfect one?

Right then. Wait.

Can we discuss this some other time?


Ok. Bye

Love You



Let Go

Let Go

In the stage of life which I am, heartbreaks are a common sight. The most common ones are those where someone loves a person dearly, but the feeling is not mutual. The boy loves a girl but won’t speak up lest he might lose her forever. He knows that there are just two alternatives – speak up or move on. But he wouldn’t dare to take up either.

Today I was chatting with one such friend, trying to help him take a decision. He was entirely against a confession of his true feelings. So the only advice I could give him was to move on, to let go!

and again
you refrain
from moving on from her life
letting it be

the acceptance is tough
denial so easy
she might be special for you
but you are


Gone are days which were smooth as silk
Is it time or the earth is still
Pain is all that I can feel
Inseparable is now this guilt

What was mine is now all lost
None to be blamed but only me
The roads have diverged far beyond
Nothing’s left but this graffiti

The trunk of tree which holds it
Hasn’t changed a wee bit
But the leaves which once were green
Cloaked in pallor shell out a scream

Ironically the heart’s still there
Our names inscribed deep within
Wish ‘twas throbbing like ever before
With my name in strong ink

I know its all but a broken dream
But so is my destiny
The azure petals mock me
Still its only you that I can see


Was always shy I know
And you came by, lo
The emotions here overflow
Should I pull the string or let it go…

Everything’s changed ever since
Am feeling like a real prince
Swear by god my feelings are pure
Am not mistaken for sure…
But it isn’t easy to express
And silence leads to distress
You don’t have any reason to wait
Seems finally have lost the bait…
The story could have moved on
Had I been more stubborn
It perhaps wasn’t meant to be
Men can’t play with destiny.