The Dilemma

It is a routine day at office/lab and you are patiently waiting for the lunch hour. You switch to your browser to check if you have got some interesting mail, and lo there it is. The green – the sign of life, the to go signal, beside a name you just can’t forget. You check her status message and click on her name. The tab pops out and you frantically type out those three letters ‘Hey’ but before you hit the return key, it strikes. Is it appropriate to ping her? I haven’t talked to her for years, She might be at work, She might mistake my advances as something more, It might mar my image… The reasons may be varied and genuine but the truth is that your heart wants something and your brain commands you to deny it.¬†And that is when you let it go.

To Ping or not to Ping

Life offers so many possibilities. Each day comes with a new opportunity banging at our doorstep but we are biased, we are insecure, we are just too cautious. Our past experiences or future aspirations hold us back. We fail to live in the present, fretting about the things that have been and things that may turn out to be. This is when we miss the real deal, the now, the today, the present.

So the next time this dilemma strikes you, go ahead and ping. Who knows you might get lucky. Your old girlfriend did want you back as a friend or the breakup you had secretly been hoping for actually did happen and your moral support at this junction might get you closer to your crush. Just don’t hold back. The moment will never be back again and life is really too small to be spent regretting.