The Hate Story

Last over, T20 final: Manoj Tiwary hit two consecutive fours and KKR were crowned champions of IPL5 with CSK ending as runners up. 54 days and 76 matches culminated with Gautam Gambhir lifting the trophy. The game was good as always and there was nothing too inspiring. The aftermath though was definitely interesting. Before the final match had begun, there seemed to be two groups fervently following the match – the CSK lovers and the CSK haters, the number of people in each of them being more or less equal. It is good to support a team, but to see so many people bashing one, was quite intriguing. All haters seemed to have had their own reasons, but to me they appeared to be guided with our general mentality to find flaws/reasons to hate someone who is winning, someone who is doing good, someone who is better than us.

Pick up any famous personality today- a sportsman, politician, businessman or an artist, you’d always find people who hate them, fervently following all their deeds to find a flaw, a blind spot which they can put use to drive home the point that how that person is not worthy of the praise.

We hate the Winner

Most of us get programmed either to be a hero worshiper or a basher. In the latter case, we just expect something to be amiss with all that is good. “Chinmay got S in all the courses…He must have licked prof’s a##” “How did that sleepy guy from my batch become Events Core..He must have had political friends.” and this is not something we start believing in at college. Just rewind back to your school days. We would always envy that one guy who got perfect score all exams. Something must be fishy, something must be rigged, that is what we believe in, and revel any news which confirms it. We open the newspaper everyday expecting a new scandal, a new scam. So no wonder all IPL haters or CSK haters were harping over the allegations of match fixing when the Chennai guys played some real awesome cricket to secure a place in final. Unfortunately the Kings lost in the finals 😦 and lo, now no one blames them for fixing. Reason: they are not the best anymore. People are happy. Just like they are when Federer loses to a younger player or when City beats United. I don’t say this approach is wrong, it does give you an instant ‘feel good’ feeling about yourself. But do we really need to see someone’s glory getting marred to gain that sadistic pleasure. Isn’t there a good reason in the world that this pleasure is called ‘sadistic.’ It would be great if we could spend some time in introspection about it.

Nevertheless, Sachin Haters, Dhoni Haters, Federer Bashers, Real madrid anti-fans, I request you all to grow up. These people are human and have their own shortcomings. But let us think positive and believe in goodness. Its OK not to achieve as much as any of these guys. You don’t need to hate them to feel good. It’s devilish, satanic and demoralizing for you in long run, and to be frank, these people don’t give a damn.

So, Get Well. Soon!