I Wish


I wish you knew
I wish you could see
The world in my brain
And what you mean to me

I wish it was easy
I wish it was real
I could talk to you
About this feeling surreal

I wish I was a part
I wish things were different
I could share your joys n sorrows
Without being intrudent

I wish I didn’t have to hide
I wish I didn’t have to run
Away from your lovely soul
To avoid this emotional turn

I wish the world was greener
I wish all this was true
And I could perhaps say it loud
How much I love you

I wish I could propose
I wish you could dispose
Atleast it would be clear
And I won’t have to suppose


Let Go

Let Go

In the stage of life which I am, heartbreaks are a common sight. The most common ones are those where someone loves a person dearly, but the feeling is not mutual. The boy loves a girl but won’t speak up lest he might lose her forever. He knows that there are just two alternatives – speak up or move on. But he wouldn’t dare to take up either.

Today I was chatting with one such friend, trying to help him take a decision. He was entirely against a confession of his true feelings. So the only advice I could give him was to move on, to let go!

and again
you refrain
from moving on from her life
letting it be

the acceptance is tough
denial so easy
she might be special for you
but you are

You all will be missed!

The fact has been trying to sink into me for a long time. But it was the other day when I was just strolling down a mall with my room neighbor that it struck me hard, this might be the last time we are here together. Yes, the pleasure of doing regular, funny or crazy things with the friends we have made in past four years at this amazing place will soon be lost.

Two weeks are over since then and most people graduating this year have already left the campus. My first source of inspiration, first source of security, the first crush, people who have bullied me and the people who got bullied, they are all gone. Taking up their first job or joining a famous university in India, US, UK or elsewhere, people have moved on to the next phase in their life. With one more year to go, I still have some time on my hands to enjoy this lovely place. But will it be same when a major chunk of people who made this experience worthwhile aren’t there with me anymore? The time will tell. All I can do now is to wish them goodbye and hope we soon meet again!

Adios btechs & the seniors! You all will be missed.

I can’t say what I am feeling
I just can’t write or talk
You have to leave -time is ticking
Time is running right out of the clock

It doesn’t matter if you go
Across the country, or state, or whatever
Just promise me, that you agree
This goodbye is not goodbye forever

I know you’d do good as always
No sheep you are, you would set a trend
Someday we will meet again
Just never ever forget me, my friend!