MTConnect Graphr: Intern Project

A few months ago I blogged about my first problem statement at my intern. Though I failed to keep up my promise of keeping you updated about it, the app got ready soon enough. It now rests at github. Harnessing the power of HTML5, jQuery and PHP, it delivers just what the problem statement dictated. Meanwhile, I took the liberty of christening it MTConnect Graphr and blogged about its technical aspects at the company blog.

So do check out the post and the app in your leisure time, and of course I’d love to have some feedback. đŸ™‚



  1. hello Prince

    glad to meet you, and i have a doubt regarding to my project, i was doing my project on cloud manufacturing, in first phase i was tried for control the cnc, fms machines through cloud but it is not possible due to safety, and company norms and limitations

    now i was concentrated on monitoring, it is possible and already developed by mtconnect, systeminsights.

    i want to know that my fms machine (which contains cnc turn, cnc mill, 6 axis robot, conveyor, asrs) is completely RS232 serial port communication oriented working so can we make an adapter and agent for real time monitoring.

    as per the articles from mtconnect and systeminsights i understood that

    adapter is a programme which is written in c++
    agent is also a programme which communicates with the adapter

    and after making those two components where i have to deploy and how i have to run successfully.

    thanks & regards


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